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THE SITE IS ABOUT TO CLOSE. Due to health issues with my business partner who provides me with the hosting, the site will no longer be updated. Truth is also that motivation is fading away after 25 years of mostly weekly update. I will keep on posting movies on some forums (like ) but I will no longer publish pictures. Thanks all for your support.

new pics 03/10:

  • Dorcas Coppin in "comme mon fils":   If you fly Air France you watch her in the safety instructions before take off

  • Johanna Landau Menuteau in "Babyblueseuses":

  • Lou Cantor in "full moon":

new pics 03/03:

  • Rebecca Benhamour in "BDE":

  • Lou Lampros in "Jacky Caillou":

  • Morgane Line Vallée in "ondes solitaires":

  • Céline Pujol in "le souffle de la nuit":

new pics 02/24: Sorry for the late comeback

  • Leila Muse in "Bowling Saturne":

  • Léa Seydoux in "un beau matin":

  • Noémie Merlant in "Baby Ruby":

  • Laure Calamy in "l'origine du mal":

  • new pics 01/27:

    • Virginie Efira in "les enfants des autres":

    • Yamée Couture in "les enfants des autres"

    • Sara Giraudeau in "le sixième enfant":

    • Ilona Bachelier in "l'histoire d'Annette Zelman":

    • Cécile Dominjon in "Balthazar":

    • Iléana Courbey & Juliette Perret in "Groland":

    new pics 01/20:

    • Florence Loiret in "à propos de Joan":

    • Aisleen McLafferty in "la pote d'un pote":

    new pics 01/13:

    • Claire Keim in "année zéro":

    • Laura Dat-Senac in "Maude en septembre":

    • Karen Moreau in "Maude en septembre":

    new pics 01/06: I have updated the archives

    • Léonie Dahan-Lamort in "tout fout le camp":

    • Isabelle Carré in "la dégustation":